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Predictive Pacing (beta)
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Take the guessing out of your pacing

flink Calculator allows you to quickly calculate a pace or finish based on one of the two values and a distance. It also predicts the finishes for other distances based on the result and the impact of weather and running course on your performance. Different split models help to optimize your pacing strategy.


Calculator View

For your first calculation, tap on one of the preset distances in the Favorites bar or select the Distance row in the display area by tapping (or by using the ⇥ key) and enter a distance in meters or miles (depending on your measurement preferences).

Now select either the finish or pace row and enter a time.

After hitting the = key you see the result in the display area and your first predictions in the results area.


Splits View

After you have calculated your finish and pace switch to the splits view using the tab bar at the bottom of the app.

You can change the split ratio from positive to negative by moving the slider below the graph and select a spitting method:

Linear | Stepped | Curve | None

The table in the lower half shows the moving time and the split per km or mile.


Weather View

The weather has an impact on your performance. You can now predict for any time and place if the climate will make you faster or slower with the Weather Stress Score (experimental feature).

Slide the panel up to see additional information or tap on a marker on the area chart that gives you a quick glance at the relative change of temperature, precipitation and impact over the next 24 hours.


Elevation View

You don’t have to wait to see how the course profile influences your running power until you are running the race. Explore the course profile and the energy losses and gains on the elevation view.

Slide the panel up to see additional information including a complexity indicator based on the hard turns and chokepoints on the course.

This feature is experimental and includes a very limited number of courses for beta testing in the early versions of the app.

Tap on the “Set race location” button to see another feature, when you return to the Splits.

Fitted Splits

Splits View

After setting a race location the Splits view shows a new option for fitting the splits to the required running energy of the course. Select the Stepped method to get a realistic pacing strategy or None to see the impact of the course on your pacing with a constant energy investment.

Profile: Connect with Strava

Strava Activities

After connecting with your Strava Account from the Profile view you have access to your latest runs and your person best by clicking the Strava icon on top of the Calculate view.

Profile: Distances

Distance Details

After clicking on “Distances” in the Profile view you have access to various distances and predictions (fx) you can select as favourites, which will show up in the Favourites bar in the Calculator view or on the Predictions panel in the calculator results.